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The Limitless Blue guide for Final Fantasy XIV

  • The Limitless Blue is a level 57 trial in Final Fantasy XIV. First introduced in the Heavensward expansion pack, this trial operates slightly differently from other trials that players may be accustomed to. This demo will introduce some new mechanisms that players need to pay attention to. Let us review each stage of this trial and how to overcome them to clear The Limitless Blue.

    This trial will be conducted on a floating island. Players fall from any side of the island and they will all die. There is a Dragonkiller on both sides of the island, and players need to use it regularly throughout the battle. In addition, it is best for players to prepare adequate FFXIV Gil when challenging missions.

    Your goal is to defeat Bismarck before he destroys the island. The integrity of the island is indicated by the bar on the right side of the screen. Bismarck will start the trial by hitting the island violently, reducing the integrity of the island by 14% and shocking all players. Then he will summon two adds that will use FFXIV Gil, defeat these adds to prepare Dragonkiller.

    Once Bismarck is locked on the island, his chitin carapace will be exposed. Move to Bismarck's back to damage the carapace. If the player is not on his back, it will not cause damage. In addition, over time, players standing on Bismarck's back will receive a small amount of damage. A healer should use AoE Regen skills to solve this problem. During this time, IGGM has promotional activities, players who want to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil can check it out.