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Steps for Final Fantasy XIV players to change the color of Choc

  • When players change the color of Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV, they can choose a variety of colors they like. Below I will explain in detail how players should change the color of Chocobo Mount.

    First, to own Chocobo Mount, players must complete MSQ level 20. Players can choose to join The Maelstrom from Limsa Lominsa and The Immortal Flames from Ul'dah. After obtaining the first mount from the quest, players must reach level 30 to complete the side quest and give their chocobo companion abilities. Completing these two tasks is a necessary condition for changing the color of Final Fantasy XIV Chocobo.

    To unlock the ability to change the color of Chocobo, players must first purchase a house in Final Fantasy XIV. Buying player houses is one of the most difficult achievements in the game, especially in crowded servers. Players can only purchase houses after reaching level 50 and becoming a second lieutenant. They must also complete tasks related to housing in the area where they wish to buy a house. Remember, the houses in Final Fantasy XIV are not cheap, you need hundreds of thousands to millions of FFXIV Gil. After successfully purchasing a house, the player must purchase a Chocobo stable and an outdoor furniture worth 125,000 FFXIV Gil.

    After completing the arduous task of finding and buying houses, Final Fantasy XIV players can change the color of Chocobo by feeding snacks in the stables. The type of snacks and the order in which they are given will determine the color of Chocobo. The color change process takes six hours, during which time players will not be able to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

    Figuring out what kind of snacks will give the player the desired color of Chocobo is itself a headache. Fortunately, the Final Fantasy XIV Chocobo Color Calculator is a free online tool that players can use to determine the type of snacks and feeding order they must perform for a particular color. Chocobo's snacks can be grown in the garden of the player's home, or they can use FFXIV Gil to buy in the market.