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New World: The game team has improved fast travel and tax rates

  • New World got its update in January after weeks of testing on the PTR and some developer videos about the changes and player feedback. This update focuses on adding endgame level options to the game, and it also introduces the recently announced Expedition Mutants and new gear upgrades based on Umbral Shards. Plus, fast travel and tax rates have been improved.

    Umbral Shards are a new resource that can be obtained by executing the new Expedition Mutators. As you reach higher difficulty levels in these New World Coins Buy challenges, you'll also get more shards. If your Expertise for the type is level 600, you can also collect shards by opening plaster castings. Additionally, the game team has changed the expedition to reflect the new mutants, and the rewards and drop rates have also been updated and increased. The various materials that players need to craft Expedition Keys have also been reduced.

    Fast travel has also been overhauled, which reduces costs and provides efficiency. Aeternum also has new fast travel shrines, which can help you travel between places more frequently.

    While Winter Convergence is over, the Yeti has been transformed from an elite boss to an elite. Additionally, the AI ​​has received a number of fixes, which add various perks to the new Mutator system, while changes to Outpost Rush include increasing the cost of Brute tokens from 500 to 700 Azoth. Plus, there are many extensive fixes across the game.

    Another thing the game team has learned from player feedback is that the housing tax is too high, and the gap between the rich and the poor is severely imbalanced due to the tax rate and a series of loopholes. There was a time when the tax rate was only 10%, and now it's back to 100% with the lowering of the tax bracket.

    If you want to know the most detailed content, you can go to the official New World website to read about all the changes.

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