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As the Evolution of Combat update burns down on players of Rune

  • Using your thieving abilities Choose the "spy on" option to see them leaving. Follow them, but don't go too close, or Colonel Grimmson will catch you. Keep at least 5 squares behind them RS 2007 Gold. When they enter Hreidmar's house look out the window to find out the way they're being connected. The figure will appear and tell them to meet at "the place". They will be taken to the location by the boatman. Before you get on the boat you might want to purchase some combat gear and food It's going to turn ugly, I assure you.

    Head to head to Dwarven Boatman. Instead of talking to him, stow away aboard the ship and the Red Axe members will tell the boatman that they're giving a load of adamant bar to "them". After a few minutes you'll be transported to a cave that is down the river to Keldagrim that only the Red Axe know about. You don't want Red Axe members to advance to the next room, so you should wait until they do.

    When they've gone you can go to the door to check for traps. After disabling the traps, go through the door and look on the balcony. You will see three Dragonkin below and one of them is named: Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one the Kin you saw after While Guthix is asleep. Red Axe members will be coming into. They are allies. Why would the Dragonkin require allies composed of a few businessmen who have an economic power that could be able to cause recessions, or even flagrantly break the law? The answer is in the question itself. The conversation continues:

    It appears that you brought the bars made of adamant. Yes, we did. Our Chaos Dwarves will be taking them off the market soon. But why do you want them so much? We'll demonstrate it. We could ask Grimmson to do an favor Buy OSRS Fire Cape. Let me guess, you'd like me to test your new Dragon. You'll soon understand the reason Adamant is so vital.