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What Attack Abilities Does Baal Have In Diablo 2 Resurrected?


    Baal is the final boss of Diablo II Resurrected Act 5, defeating him not only unlocks the next difficulty mode but also earns top Cheap D2R Items. The so-called Know your enemy and know yourself, emerge victorious in every battle, so it's crucial to know what attacks he can use in the game before fighting Baal. In this guide, we will introduce you to Baal's attack abilities in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

    List of all of Baal's Different Attacks 

    Before the encounter, Baal will summon monsters from each Act, and after players kill all 5 groups of monsters, Baal will enter the Worldstone Chamber. While fighting him, he uses a variety of deadly special attacks, which are as follows:

    Vile Effigy (Clone): Summons a duplicate of himself, which can cast all of the real Baal's moves as well, except creating a second clone because there can be only one Baal clone at a time. In most cases, you should ignore clones and focus on real Baal.

    Decrepify: Baal uses this ability when you fight Baal in 5 Baal Waves and in the Worldstone Chamber. Decrepify works the same as the Necromancer Curse, making you slower, weaker, and taking more damage.

    Mana Rift: A kind of painful yellow flamethrower that will siphon 50% of your mana instantly.
    Incineration Nova: A fire nova but composed of fireballs that hurt a lot. Similar to Diablo's Flame Circle, a ring of torches is sent out in all directions.

    Hoarfrost: This is a V-shaped blue wave that Baal shoots out that knocks you back. It stuns you when it hits you, and damages you multiple times while pushing you back.

    Blood Mana Curse: Used on characters who have more mana than life, it replaces the cost of casting spells with a life cost. You can therefore potentially expose yourself to a fatal blow after draining your life bar yourself.

    Festering Appendage: Summons tentacles that come out of the ground to attack the player. This is Baal's main ranged attack, and for the most part, he only uses this attack when other attacks can't reach you.

    Curse of Defense: Drastically reduces your total defense. This curse is only used on players with more max Health than max Mana.

    Teleport: Change places instantly, usually by summoning the clone, same as the Sorceress' Teleport ability.

    The above is the introduction of Baal's attack abilities. I hope that with the help of this guide, you can easily deal with Baal's different attacks and win quickly. In addition, the character has powerful gear is also the key to winning, you can Buy D2R Items on MMOSO to improve your character's abilities, all D2R Items are hand farm, no robot cheating, safe and reliable.