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    I was scared that the $200 I had in my account was the last $200 I'd ever have in my life. So I wasn't buying anything - or paying rent. Hadid, who spent most of the quarantine and her pregnancy at her mom's farm Jordan 1 Sale in Pennsylvania, has only been back in Manhattan for a few weeks. In that time, though, she's already managed to debut a number of winning looks, including an all-black ensemble topped with a newsboy cap that she wore during a walk with her sister Bella and her daughter, as well as a camel-colored look made up of a sold-out Thom Browne coat and the aforementioned Louis Vuitton hat.

    The look was simple, sporty, and comparable to the sorts of outfits you find in triplicate on TikTok. But Calloway topped off the ensemble with something decidedly new for a Constance Billard uniform: a burgundy-and-gold varsity jacket that signaled an update to Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen's well-known fits. It also includes special and elevated details like a leather luggage tag, hidden laundry bag, and the option to add an ejectable USB-charger for $20 extra. As for Isaac's skirt moment, the actor is right on-trend.

    Like in Paris, the outfits presented are casual, yet elevated, and feature their own city's twist - think: sneakers rather than boots, and vintage varsity jackets instead of camel coats. One photo shows a woman wearing UGG boots with white carpenter jeans and a fur coat. While the women's resort shows made the case for feathers for day, this men's street style look makes a convincing case for sequins. By pairing a shimmering statement top with menswear staples like pleated trousers, button-up shirts, and Chelsea boots, the top becomes cool for daytime wear.

    I'm trying to find other versions of it because I feel like it's my ideal uniform. Now, it reimagines the swim category to make finding flattering bathing suits just as easy, designing for comfort and confidence with a selection of versatile styles. La Ligne and the Lower East Side Girls Club first began partnering in 2016, and ever since, the brand and community center have forged a relationship based on female solidarity. I saw an ad for it, and I was like, I need this.' I know people are investing in comfortable loungewear, but I'm not ready for that point in quarantine yet.

    Continuing that theme, Megha Kapoor will also speak with model Lakshmi Menon about fashion's relationship with South Asian beauty. He made sure to watch out for those roomier elements on the runways as well. I've been a period underwear convert for a while now - ever since an ad for Australian brand Modibodi popped up on my feed, mid-lockdown. Despite the retailer's early start, we noticed the footwear picking up traction on social media last year and continuing into 2022. The season was not without a little flair. The austere sweetness of Pierre Cardin's flat bows re-emerged at Jil Sander and Valentino, and designers like Jonathan Anderson at Loewe and Hillary Taymour at Collina Strada injected levity and movement into their collections with vrooming car bodies or form-swallowing fringe.