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"In the game's prediction, the Bengals go

  • The first year I reported this game was a bit crazy because the game predicted not Madden nfl 22 coins only who would win, but the exact scoring of the contest. Pretty wild!

    However, since then, the video game's predictive powers have been much more hit and miss. Scroll to the end of this article for every prediction both right and wrong, however, the game's reputation as super accurate has dwindled in recent years.

    This year, EA Sports has enlisted Marshawn Lynch as as a seer / fortune teller . He will also be able to look into his crystal ball for prediction of the Super Bowl LVI prediction:

    The simulation game has players from the Cincinnati Bengals beat the LA Rams 24-21 in a very competitive game that sounds like fun to witness. (If I'm being honest, I do not really want to know who won. I'm always looking for close games that are actually enjoyable and not a blowout).

    According to the press release

    "Led by the young, star player Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals take a tough win over the highly-stacked LA Rams, 24-21, delivering the city of Cincinnati its first Super Bowl title. Thanks to his leadership and performance on the field, Burrow gets the sought-after Super Bowl MVP title in just his second year as a player in the league. This makes his the very first player to take home the Heisman, College Football National Championship and Super Bowl. While the Rams appear to be heavy favoriteswith a win-now strategy at their stadium of choice however, the Bengals have the momentum to be on their side.Check out the full details of the story as reported by Madden NFL 22 in this new video, featuring NFL legend Marshawn Lynch.

    "In the game's prediction, the Bengals go into halftime trailing 14-7 and are a touchdown away from Rams quarterback Sony Michel and red-hot wide receiver Cooper Kupp, with Ja'Marr Chase putting up one of the Bengals their only scoring touchdown. When the clock strikes the second half, Bengals lock up on defense with Cornerback Eli Apple picking off Matthew Stafford and taking the ball home to keep the game tied. Joe Burrow takes the lead early in the 4th quarter thanks to an interception play to Tee Higgins. However, Los Angeles answers with an Odell Beckham Jr. touchdown to even the game. In the closing moments, Burrow gets his team on cheap Mut 22 coins the field, which creates another opportunity to Evan McPherson to step up and score an important field goal and secure a historic victory for the Bengals franchise."