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How to Get Rich - Gold Guide for Lost Ark

  • Just like in any MMO, knowing how to make money is crucial in Lost Ark. The game has multiple currencies and a fairly in-depth system, however, we’ll first cover the two base currencies: silver and gold.

    As you might expect, you need these currencies to trade in Lost Ark. Both are used for different things, but are two of the most important currencies. Let’s take a look at how they work and how to earn money in Lost Ark.

    How to get Lost Ark Gold

    There are a number of activities in the game that players can complete to get Lost Ark Gold , but it is important to understand that many of these are time-gated. You cannot simply endlessly run them, gathering up more gold each time. Gold can be earned by doing the following activities:

    Daily and Weekly quest rewards

    Island Events

    Leveling Achievments

    Trading with other players (given them gear for gold)

    In-store purchases

    Void Dungeons


    Once again, many of these are quite limited, which is to be expected as Gold is the game’s Premium Currency. People seeking to maximize their Gold income should always be completely there activities as many times a day and week as possible.

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