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The process of cutting wood is extremely simple

  • The process of cutting wood OSRS GP is extremely simple and fast up until about the eighties. After that, I began slowing down to a minimum each week. Here's a really short tutorial to show you how to cut the fastest levels you can obtain: 1-15 Basic wood that are south of the ge or sell them to ge, cut them into non-strung bows and sell to general stores, or just burn the logs. Find the finest hatchet you can get as soon as you're able to utilize it.

    15-31 The oaks are south of the ge. Sell them to the ge, cut into bows with no strings and sell to the general store or burn them. Pick up an adamant hatchet. add a rune with a dragon hatchet in the bank to be used later.

    31-68 Cut willows in the Barbarian assult. Burn them, or drop them to get up to 20k additional wc exp per hour, however you lose an enormous amount of FM exp. Change to the dragon hatchet once you have 61 wc. If you are 68+, cut ivy any place you want to and put on a rabbit's foot necklace. Be cautious of nests of birds.

    I make around 2 mil per day selling p2p. I have 38 mil cash that i merch with and am sitting on a net worth of about 40-42 mil.

    I'd like to understand better strategies. I'm not asking what your merchandise is but what you do to make merchandising easier. What sectors do you focus on? How long or how short are your investments? Do you flip? How long do you hold an item that you have flipped?

    I sell products with large buy runescape 3 gold limits (10k-25k). I tend to flip. I concentrate on foods, runes, and pots. I keep track of some items which i am sure crash frequently and earn profits from that as well. I'm always switching between expensive armor and weapons I use to help me save my money and earn more occasionally. I sold my bgs prior to it crashed down to 8 miles and I also sold my Fury before it crashed, and then bought one for 13 mil and auctioned it off for 14.5 mil. Bought claws, lent for 1 mil total and were sold. Since weapons and armours are typically in a continuous spiral downwards, it's good to be able to make such decisions.