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Most basic farming patches in RuneScape are allotments

  • To accompany the dungeoneering I will probably also test this task master that I've been hearing much about OSRS Gold. After four points though..I need to think of more ideas. I'm hoping to come up with around 8-10 ideas total.

    I'm not sure what I should suggest since I'm not certain what you're into, but I've put together a list of random goals of mine that can give you some ideas. I'd like to acquire: The top tier the PK Hood (looks amazing) I'm on tier 3 atm as well as the I want to get the Commander MA rank and 300 MA rank for the imbued rings; 75 Soul Wars zeal for an Abyssal Demon pet Runecrafting robes (both of the Runespan variants (look cool) and the RC guild ones (pretty useful)).

    Quest cape (you probably already have this however if you don't, it's a fun and interesting goal) Also, Top Chompy bird's-eye hat (personally I like the red, but the yellow only adds an additional kill) Minigames Hybrid gear 99 Construction so that I can make an awesome home (I believe it's technically learning the skill but my main goal is to make a great house and not simply get 99). I'm sure I have a couple more but I can't remember them now.

    I've been absent from RS for 3 years and am eager to return. I've been studying most of the new releases since I've been gone, and am now beginning to figure out the details, somewhat. I was aware that Dual Wielding's been releasedand I had some questions.

    Previously when I was playing on the computer, I used an Abyssal Whip as well as A Dragon Defender. With Dual Wielding having just been released I was thinking what it would be like to use an offhand weapon instead to the Defender RuneScape 2007 Gold. This brings this to the second question I have.