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OSRS fishing contest guide to the quest quick walkthrough of re

  • OSRS Fishing Contest is a new activity for members. The following is our Fishing Contest pursuit manual with OSRS gold an easy walkthrough, as well as rewards.

    OSRS Fishing Contest pursuit walkthrough

    1. To begin the quest Begin by talking to the dwarves either side of the White Wolf Mountain. Purchase a fishing pass.

    2. Take a trip to Seers' Village and also pick up a piece of garlic at the home to the southwest from the lending institution.

    3. Bring a spade. Visit McGrubor's Wood to take 3 red blooming pigs.

    4. Take a walk south towards Hemenster together with the Fishing pass in your stock. It is also possible to teleport into Hemenster to join the Ranging Guild through the battle bracelet and walk west. Note: If you don't own an Fishing Rod, you can buy one from Grandpa Jack from the home in front of The Hemenster entrance.

    5. Place Garlic from the pipes into the north. It is important to end the dialog.

    6. Purchase Bonzo 5 coins. Watch for your Sinister Stranger to move away off the pipe. You can begin fishing as soon as you spot a an eerie Carp and then wait until the competition is over.

    7. When you've won the competition After winning, go back to the dwarf to show him the decoration. The quest is complete!

    The benefits of OSRS Fishing Contest quest

    The following reward points after completing the Fishing Contest pursuit:

    1 Quest point

    2,437 hours of fishing experience

    Tunnel shortcut access Tunnel shortcut

    The ability to catch minnows OSRS within the Fishing Guild

    Hope that this manual will assist you to complete your OSRS Fishing Contest pursuit. Should you need inexpensive RS gold, visit our website in order to buy OSRS GP obtain some, along with five percent bonus.