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New World still faces many problems

  • Although Amazon Game Studios’ New World launched its overwhelming enthusiasm nearly two months ago, it did not meet player expectations after all the problems and malfunctions that disrupted the game and its economy. After the November update of Into the Void made controversial and secret changes to the core game mechanics, New World’s Steam reviews are now mixed. In fact, loot and New World Gold have become much scarcer than before, which makes it difficult for players to get anything good in the endgame.

    Into the Void increases the difficulty of the game, which has the greatest impact on New World single players. Because of the increase in the enemy’s health, players are now trying to kill the enemy, but if they do, the spoils are not very good. Another problem is related to the duplication glitch affecting trophies and furniture, which makes New World players temporarily unable to trade these items with New World Gold at least, until Amazon Game Studios finds a solution. As compensation, the housing tax has been reduced by 90%, and players can enjoy their dream house to a certain extent.

    But because some players can’t stand New World’s problems again and again. They harassed other players in various ways, such as placing groggy and noisy birds near the trading post. Many players are innocently implicated, and hope that Amazon Game Studios can solve the problem as soon as possible.

    As part of the housing problem, New World players received many New World Coins, but this caused another problem because the number changed randomly and only affected a few people. New World is far from getting out of the predicament, but at least some players are still having fun.

    Although New World’s problems have appeared one after another, Amazon Game Studios has always been very positive, and they are solving problems as soon as possible. Therefore, many players said that they don’t need to worry and would still choose to buy New World Gold to show their trust.