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What is New World Void Ore?

  • Void Ore is very similar to the iron ore of New World. It is a rare drop in ordinary mineral deposits. Players can use it to make Voidbent armor. So players need to buy New World Coins for some upgrades to get it.

    The first thing players must remember is that Void Ore was mined from the Orichalcum vein. These deposits can be found in most areas of New World, especially on the islands west of Ebonscale Reach and northeast of Mountainhome. Players need to make their mining rating 175 or higherto collect Void Ore.

    In addition, players want to increase their gathering luck as much as possible, such as buying New World Coins to get items with related buffs. Certain foods in New World can help improve this effect, including Roasted Potatoes and Herb-Roasted Potatoes. Players should note that they cannot be used in stacks.

    Another option for players is to buy Void Ore from Trading Post. However, because of its rarity, the price of the item is likely to be very high. So players who need Void Ore can choose to New World Coins Buy directly on IGGM to get it. 

    In New World, Crafting Skills are an important part. Void Ore can make legendary Voidbent armor. Players need to refine their Void Ore into Voidbent Ingot to make armor. This will require a Tier-three Smelter, a Void Ore, a Void Essence and ten Energy Cores. So in order to get such rare armor, players need to spend Amazon New World Coins to upgrade their characters and their mining and crafting skills quickly.