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How to complete The Dryad’s Confession Trial in New World

  • The major battle of New World includes multiple world missions and tasks for players to complete. The more difficult one is called Dryad’s Confession Trial. So players may choose to Buy New World Coins upgrade equipment, so that the possibility of successfully completing the task will increase.

    As players progress in New World, they spend New World Coins to upgrade their character’s attributes, find and combine new weapons and armors, and complete more tasks so that their characters will reach a higher level. Because some tasks are assigned to high-level players.

    When players reach level 59, they will receive a mission called Remove the Withered Roots. This task requires players to hunt down the withered monsters and quell the spread of withered. After completion, players can follow the prompts to unlock the next level of tasks.

    The next level task is called Burden of Atonement, and it is composed of three different tasks. Since this task requires the player to fight a group of powerful enemies, it requires the player to be more strategic and capable. In order to avoid mission failure, players need to keep their distance and buy New World Coins to get long-range weapons to deal with waves of enemies.

    In the end, if the player defeats all enemies, then the Trial of Repentance of the Dryad is complete. Players can return to designated locations to receive their rewards, which usually include rare armor and some New World Coins.