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New World Existing Gear Scores will not be reduced

  • Amazon Game Studios has been listening to the voice of the New World community. Because of this, players’ desire to buy New World Gold to enhance their advantages has never diminished.

    New World launched by Amazon Game Studios this year has always been a controversial topic. Into the void in November should fix some of these issues and make New World better, but this is not the case. In order to make New World’s Gear Scores more linear and provide a sense of progress, Amazon changed the difficulty of endgame battles and reduced box drops. This means that players get even fewer rewards, such as New World Gold in the endgame.

    These changes are just a small part of Amazon’s plans to adjust New World’s various systems, which are shown in the patch notes for the most recent December update. New World players will get Expertise value related to unique items that determine their Gear Scores, just like the previous watermark level. In another patch next year, if it is lower than the Expertise value, it will also lower the GS.

    In an unexpected turn, Amazon abandoned the idea of lowering the player’s Gear Scores, which would defeat the purpose of buying better items from the trading station. This actually means for players that they can now safely spend New World Gold to buy better items, even if the Gear Scores of these items are higher than their current equipment, and they can still benefit from it.

    This has been used by New World players in such a way that many people upgrade to level 60 just to buy GS 580 items from the trading station and immediately saw their progress. Although the current system is not very good, it is unfair for players who have improved the watermark and Gear Scores to lower everything suddenly. However, the idea is still to reduce the GS of the items got after the patch to the player’s Expertise value.

    The December patch of New World adds new perks, and getting new armor or weapons also means changing a person’s Gear Scores. So players who want to change their Gear Scores can buy Amazon New World Coins to get new equipment.