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New World also has another option

  • Most New World players are attracted by the battles in New World. Regardless of whether it is PvP or PvE mode, as long as players win, they will not only get rewards such as New World Gold but also an honor.

    The battle mode of New World really makes many players want to stop. There are also some players who will New World Coins Buy to meet their needs in order to get higher-rated weapons or upgrade their characters faster. This is indeed a convenient and fast way.

    But there is another way for players to choose. Besides frontline operations, it is also important for players to provide handicrafts. There are many ways to upgrade in New World. If players occasionally don’t want to wear a full set of armor to kill the enemy in the wilderness, they can choose to forage and prepare a delicious picnic. Or they can spend a few hours cutting wood and making handmade furniture for their house.

    In theory, players can even reach level 60 without harming other creatures-although players may need to ask others to collect meat for the stew. As players upgrade their gathering, refining, and crafting skills, they can use higher recipe levels to make better items. It takes a long time for these skills to reach the limit, so it is very necessary for big players to spend New World Gold to improve their skills.

    Even if the players do not plan to dedicate their New World career to perfecting a trade skill. Players can also choose to mine iron ore veins or cut down some trees, because they can gain experience and rich resources that can be refined and sold, which they can get more New World Gold.

    Whether immersed in combat or focused on craft and gather, they are all recommended options. According to their hobbies, players can spend time and energy to achieve the best. As long as they give enough, the more they get.