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New World has banned many bot accounts

  • Players complained about the suspicious robots in New World, because robots caused heavy losses to players who earned New World Gold by collecting resources. Amazon Game Studios is working hard to find the balance point for the future of the game. They are exploring server consolidation and migration, while trying to ensure that they are doing specialized work to combat robots and potential vulnerabilities.

    Robots have brought ongoing challenges to MMOs, and Amazon Game Studios has deployed specialized resources and tools to identify and counter them. They are committed to continuously improving the fight against robots, and only yesterday, over 7,700 accounts using robots were banned. The goal of Amazon Game Studios is to ensure that New World is fun and fair for all players. This attitude also made many players feel gratified and inspired players to buy New World Gold.

    Despite the bumpy road for New World after its release, Amazon Game Studios is still working hard to resolve the issue and respond to concerns. Besides banning robot accounts, they have also taken measures such as restricting and verifying shared accounts, as well as changing the early stages to reduce the initial rewards and New World Gold.

    Amazon Game Studios also banned exploiters and deleted the server transfer token for the new character. They explained that after giving the account a server to transfer tokens, most players who wanted to transfer had already moved their characters. There is almost no competition at the beginning of roles, levels, and harvest on sparsely populated servers, and then the ability to move to densely populated places causes problems.

    Server merges is also a hot topic because Amazon Game Studios is looking for the right way to do this while considering balance and stability. This week’s New World update lay the technical foundation for server consolidation, so the work to ban bots and scammers and strengthen measures should also help achieve the required stability.

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