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New World update prepares for server consolidation

  • New World encountered a lot of problems in November, and players complained. The latest update focuses on helping to fix some issues in the November update, as well as other bug fixes, and even changes to prepare for the upcoming server merger. This inspired players to buy Cheap New World Coins, because they have been looking forward to it for a long time.

    One issue with the update was not even a technical error, but the accidental removal of all Horticulture Harvesting gear. The patch causes all equipment to be marked as future unreleased content and has just been removed from the game. Every player who loses the Harvester armor will find a reward box in their inventory with a binding replacement for a full set of replacement equipment. The highest equipment score is any level the player has reached before the error. In addition, players can also receive some New World Gold. These reward boxes are being rolled out one after another, so if players have lost their equipment and haven’t received it yet, they will need to wait a little longer.

    After the temporary closure and change, Amazon Game Studios reactivated the trading, movement, and recycling of house items and furniture. They also solved another transaction problem, which allowed players to fill out their purchase orders from the local storage shed. Players can then spend New World Gold on normal transactions.

    Elemental enemies will drop a lot of motes, but in this update, Amazon has removed motes as rewards, so now players should be able to harvest these creatures again, except for wolves. The Wolves need to do more work, so this may appear in the next update.

    Server consolidation is coming soon. This can be clearly seen from Amazon’s communication and continued player frustration, but we don’t know too many details yet. In the patch notes, it just says “the technical basis of server consolidation”, so this at least shows that they are preparing for this.

    Whether it is a patch repair or a server merger, it is good news for players. Before the new patch comes, players may wish to buy New World Gold to increase the possibility of getting more victories and rewards.