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Animal Crossing: Some new features of New Horizons, you should

  • You can find all kinds of wonderful things in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, but some things require players to explore carefully before they can discover them. And some of these things did not appear in Animal Crossing Direct.

    So today, with the update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0, let me introduce you to what useful things have been added to the game.

    The Ultimate Gaming PC: There will be a new PC with four monitors in the game, one of which is Discord!

    Castles: You can build a castle by using some new items. The emergence of this big castle makes those painting screens that look like walls become fewer.

    Bear Backpack: Bear Backpack is an option in Happy Home Paradise DLC, it is very likely that it will be used in the basic game.

    Blobfish Gyroid: There are many gyroids in the game, but this is a Blobfish. We don't know what the sound it makes, but it makes people feel a kind of despair. But many people like it.

    New Birds: Originally, the yellow and green birds made me feel very boring. Now Animal Crossing Items the Happy Home Paradise's blue birds that are added are very cute and make people like it. In addition, you can see sweet little owls at night in the Happy Home Paradise island.

    There Are New Rewards On The App: Now if you want to get daily rewards, you can get them by downloading the Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone and connecting it to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In addition, some new items have been added, such as a raccoon clock, a cute balloon and Nook sanitary napkins.

    Custom Polish Effects: After we unlock the ability to add Nook Miles Tickets custom polishing effects, this new polishing function can be used. But this can only be used in Happy Home Paradise, you need to make all preparations to unlock it.

    This update brings a lot of convenience to players, and players love this game even more. But if you want to integrate into this game, then Animal Crossing Items are indispensable props in the game. If you are eager to obtain a certain item, then MMOWTS can help you. There are various Animal Crossing Items on sale, and there must be what you need!