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What is the FIFA 22 Numbers up promotion

  • In FIFA 22 Numbers up, Adidas became the first partner of the EA team to establish the Ultimate Team. In this event, some of the big-name players belonging to this sportswear giant, including Joao Felix, Diogo Jota and Eder Militao, have gradually increased FIFA 22 statistics throughout the season.

    So how does the FIFA 22 Numbers up campaign work?

    The FIFA 22 Numbers up promotion was launched on Friday, November 12th. A series of new orange and yellow cards were introduced to the Ultimate Team. In addition, the statistics of each item were upgraded. In FUT, the player's FUT 22 Coins attributes are increased according to the type of boots worn by the player.

    FIFA 22 Numbersup cards are divided into three categories, which can determine the type of upgrade granted. The wearers of Adidas Copa boots have a higher pass rate. Stronger dribbling data will be awarded to players wearing Adidas Predator sneakers. In addition, players with higher pace ratings appeared among those who stepped onto the court wearing Adidas X boots.

    But Barcelona keeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen became an exception to these situations. Although he is wearing Adidas Predator boots, his dribbling statistics have not been improved, but his processing ability has been upgraded.

    In addition to these initial attributes that have been dramatically improved this season, some cards have also been further improved. So the final result is that all Adidas Predator players will Buy FUT 22 Coins have a dribble rating of 99, Adidas Copa players will have a passing rating of 99, and Adidas X wearers will run around the park at a speed of 99.

    In addition, in order to ensure that each card maintains its height in more than one attribute, their other attributes will also be improved accordingly, although it will not rise to 99.

    This time the activity is so intense, the players' best hope is of course to get those players wearing Adidas boots as soon as possible. But to get them, first you need to prepare enough FIFA 22 Coins. If your inventory is insufficient, you can go to UTnice to buy. Their prices are very cheap, and you can get more FIFA 22 Coins with the same money.