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The trap master in Diablo 2: the Assassin

  • According to the nature of the Assassin in Diablo 2, it is more suitable for PvP battlefields than PvE battlefields. But she still has some solid constructions to clear the battlefield. Generally speaking, Assassin builds can be divided into trap builds and martial arts builds, or Kicksins. There are also hybrid builds suitable for mixed game styles. Traps is a throwing object that can be quickly evacuated after you use it, while Kicksin is closer and more personalized.

    Death Sentry Assassin

    Trap builds use a variety of trap skills to achieve mutual gain and enhance the player's power. In fact, you usually only use one of your main damage skills, and other trap skills are only invested for synergy. Death Sentry is Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes one of the best choices in the choice of the main trap skills. It can shoot lightning at enemies, and when they die, it will explode and cause damage to nearby enemies. The explosion of the corpse brought a great speed of clarity, and with the least equipment to help build the function. And Lightning Sentry can provide additional single target damage to the Boss. Death Sentry, Lightning Sentry, and Fire Blast are your greatest skills.

    Dragon Talon Kicksin

    Dragon Talon is a strafing skill that can push enemies away. So you need to add other skills to supplement the damage. So using Venom skills to add poison to your attacks is a very good choice. In addition, you can also use Phoenix Strike to supplement elemental damage. You can even use the Shadow Master summon to help you kill monsters. In this version, Death Sentry or other Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale traps will be used in most cases to supplement additional damage. Dragon Talon, Phoenix Strike, and Death Sentry are your greatest skills.

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