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How ACNH island designer Kang designed his island

  • The new version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived and the Happy Home DLC will be released with it on November 5th, which makes many players very excited. So for ACNH Island designers, what preparations will they make for this update? Today, let's take a look at what designer Kang did with his island?

    Kang built his first island when he first came out of the game last year. But after that, he worked on two other islands until his original island was completely deleted by him a few months ago. Because he wanted to start Animal Crossing Items a new design.

    He did not consider the aesthetics when he designed the island, and his recent design of the island is mainly based on the theme of "farm village". On his original island he liked the items he got from Celeste very much. These items will be decorated in his main room and outside area. And these are items belonging to space.

    For players who have just played Animal Crossing, he will have some good suggestions. If you have any good design ideas, you can proceed section by section. When you want to realize this idea, you need to Buy Animal Crossing Bells keep paying attention to it for a period of time instead of trying to arrange all the decorations together. He usually divides the design area into several areas, and he will only focus on decorating one area at a time.

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