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Offensive and defensive FUT formation: 3-1-4-2

  • A good FUT formation will determine the direction of victory in a game. In addition, the choice of a formation will also largely determine your choice of players and the way you play on the court. Today, I will introduce Custom Tactics about 3-1-4-2.

    The 3-1-4-2 formation can be both offensive and defensive, and no matter which mode you choose, it can put tremendous pressure on the wing midfielder. In most cases, you will cause your opponents to constantly re-defense, unless FIFA 22 Coins you need to chase the goal in the later stage, otherwise you will open your wings and be exposed. Of course, if they continue to attack and fall behind as a result, this will be what you want. Due to the huge workload, the choice of players is also very important.

    If things go well and go south, then you will have a lot of screens in midfield to Buy FIFA 22 Coins help you. In order to avoid difficult situations when your winger is caught, set your left CM and right CM defensive positions to Cover Wing, which can help on the wing. At the same time, in order to provide some support and security in front of your back line, you need to keep your CDM in the coverage center.

    In order to prevent your formation from becoming very crowded, you need to add some width here. Using a long pass as your combined offensive tactic here would be a good choice, because when you pass a long pass to a forward, you will be able to win the second ball from the midfield. The following are some Custom Tactics provided, you can modify according to the actual situation:
        Defensive Style: Balanced
        Width: 65
        Depth: 50

        Build Up Play: Long Ball
        Chance Creation: Balanced
        Width: 65
        Players in Box: 5
        Corners: 2
        Free Kicks: 2

    Although the best formation of FUT plays a vital role in the game, having top players will make the winning trend of the game more inclined to you. So you need a lot of FIFA 22 Coins to get those top players. Of course, if you find that your FIFA 22 Coins are insufficient on the way to get the player card, then you can go to UTnice to buy it. Because there are a lot of discount FIFA 22 Coins waiting for you!