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Farm Logging Guide in New World

  • It's been over a month now since the release of New World, the brand new MMORPG from Amazon Games. In the first few months, like other MMO releases, players continue to explore and collect materials on Aeternum Island And fighting, which makes players very excited. In New World, players need to constantly explore and collect resources, which is the production mechanism of this game.

    There are a total of 17 types of Trade Skills in New World, which are divided into Gathering, Refining, and Crafting. Logging can provide raw materials for hundreds of recipes, so it is the most effective Gathering Skills. All players need a Logging Axe and a ready supply of trees when starting Logging, but it takes more thinking to upgrade skills effectively.

    So how do you plant and log in New World?

    Players may find that farming Logging XP is more difficult than most other trade skills New World Coins when playing New World. Even if you can find rare trees that can produce more materials through the Logging Skill, you need a lot of materials to upgrade, so the Logging method is inefficient. Of course, the disciplinary privileges of the lumberjack will speed up this process, and the use of a higher-level wood axe will also speed up the process, giving you more XP each time you cut a tree. In addition, child labor can increase the player's luck by using food gain, and if you want to increase production, then the proficiency booster will help you.

    Young and Mature trees can be seen everywhere on the map, but Ironwood and Wyrdwood planted in specific locations would be very good. The planting locations of rare trees on Aeternum require players to explore the map to find them. In addition, the Shattered Mountain is home to Ironwood groves and Angry Earth Wolves, and they can be recorded as Wyrmwood after being killed. Keeping Buy New World Coins an eye on these trees can help players quickly improve their Logging Skills.

    Players in the New World adventure, Logging Skill can help players solve survival problems, but in the journey will encounter various inevitable battles, so players also need good weapons and equipment to help them solve these problems. But buying weapons and equipment requires a lot of New World Coins, so you can use the power of NewWorldCoins. Ample New World Coins are being sold there, and the price is very favorable, which can solve the urgent needs of players.