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World champion WoW guild Limit will leave its parent company Co

  • In the highly competitive World of Warcraft, Limit is one of the main teams, but it announced earlier that it will leave the parent company Complexity in two years.

    Limit is a veteran WoW team with more than 22 active players and entered the Complexity banner in 2019. In March 2020, Complexity Limit became the first North American WoW team to win the World First kill for the final leader of the raid since 2012. And later won another world No. 1 championship, which enabled them to win two of the three major events that they competed with Complexity.

    When their views on the World First raid spread among organizations like World of Warcraft esports, the collaboration between Limit and Complexity is very compelling. Prior to 2019, World First raid races has always been in a state of high secrecy TBC Classic Gold in World of Warcraft, because every team wants their strategy to be kept secret at all times during the entire race.

    According to data from the streaming data website TwitchTracker, during the Sanctum of Domination Race to World First event in July this year, Complexity Limit players participated in the Dallas race, and their total viewing time reached 250 during the week of the event. Ten thousand hours.

    Limit did not give any instructions on where the team will go, only saying that Buy TBC Classic Gold the team "chosen to go a different direction for the future."

    Although Limit will not continue to compete as Complexity, their glorious deeds will always inspire WOW players behind to fight for the world's number one. If you want to have that kind of power, first you need a large amount of TBC Classic Gold to purchase items and upgrades for your character. Then join the world's best team to fight for the world's number one. Of course, if you need TBC Classic Gold during this process, you can find MMOWTS, which will provide you with enough TBC Classic Gold throughout the day.