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The issue of factional imbalance has been spotted long before t

  • During BlizzCon earlier this year, and before the release of Burning Crusade Classic, one of the biggest problems of WOW since its initial launch was faction imbalance. At that time, it was recognized by game director Ion Hazzikostas, and he also hinted at some In order to eliminate these barriers that separate players, it is best to form teams without factions. Even so, it still cannot solve the fundamental problem of a faction having more desirable qualities. In addition, this may damage the unique identity of these factions and Warcraft itself. So this is also a concern for Hazzikostas. Because this is not a "Red vs Blue" multiplayer game.

    In Burning Crusade Classic, this has become a very difficult problem, because it is fundamentally a reproduction of the old age of WOW. Although the changes Blizzard can make in most cases will not be too controversial, the porting of modern features such as Mercenary Mode to the old version of Azeroth has made many players very angry. The method of dividing WOW TBC Classic Gold the player group and the intensification of this controversy means that modern WOW has begun to lose its way. That is because Blizzard has been meeting the requirements of players. In order to make the game more casual and easy to access, players can use the automatic dungeon Group finder and other functions.

    Classic is a substitute for modern WOW that makes it so successful. Among them, for many players, the difficult challenges, extremely slow pace, and emphasis on the community in the game have far deviated from the Pavlovian progression systems of TBC Classic Gold modern WOW. But if Classic has been using modern solutions to solve 9 old problems, then someday in the future, these two MMOs will become indistinguishable.

    Although the current faction balance is out of balance, it still cannot prevent players from playing the game. In order to gain stronger strength, they continue to accumulate TBC Classic Gold in the game to purchase more sophisticated items, but this is a very long process. If players want to get those items faster, they can come to MMOWTS directly. They have a lot of cheap TBC Classic Gold for sale. You only need to place an order directly on their official website to use these TBCs in the shortest time. Classic Gold to buy items.