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How to use the Bard in Lost Ark

  • Lost Ark is an MMORPG, which has a lot of endgame content, but the journey through the story or the world is also very interesting.

    The Bard is one of Lost Ark's dedicated support roles. It is generally the first choice for dedicated support operations. This class is very suitable for both PvP and PvE.

    Serenade is the Identity Skill of the Bard. You can acquire Serenade Bubbles through offensive skills in battle. You can store up to three bubbles and consume one Bubbles every time you activate Serenade.

    You have two types of Serenade to choose from, one is Serenade of Valor, which can comprehensively increase the attack damage of you and your teammates, and the other is Serenade of Salvation, which can provide healing to your teammates.

    So for the Bard when to choose which Serenade is very important. But in general, healing Serenade is more useful, it can make you a better supporter.

    As a dedicated support role in the game, she can provide support for you no matter in PvP or PvE, especially in some advanced or endgame content, the demand for you will be greater. However, her attack value is low and cannot satisfy those players who are keen on heavy blows or satisfactory combat mechanics in the game, so players who want to benefit from this aspect are not your best choice.

    If you want to use this role, here are the ideal settings for Bard's Engravings:

    Awakening-improves your overall Awakening skill power, up to 50 percent at Level 3
    Increased Max MP-up to 30 percent more mana at level 3
    Spirit Absorption-Attack and movement speed increased by 15 percent at level 3
    NECESSARY: Urgent Rescue/Desperate Salvation (Class Engraving)-Level 3 grants extra health healing of up to 24 percent.

    Therefore, when you are using this class, you need to constantly use Lost Ark Gold to upgrade her or provide her with better equipment, so that you can make her play the best in the battle. If you have any needs for Lost Ark Gold, you can visit they will solve all your problems.