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Are you ready to participate in The World of Warcraft Feast of

  • At this time of the year, to celebrate Azeroth’s Christmas, a special group of goblins and a bearded man will come to Dun Murough and Durotar. You will find a new character in these two cities. Depending on your faction, he is called Great Father Winter, a Dwarf or an Orc. In addition, there are several green goblins following him at the Snoweywood Pastures. When this pair appears in your field of vision, it is time for you to participate in World of Warcraft’s Feast of Winter Veil celebrations.

    However, many things will happen this year, and The World of Warcraft Feast of Winter’s Veil 2021 event will be completely different. For now, there will be three different versions of the Feast of WInter’s Veil for players to choose from, one for Classic SoM, one for TBCC, and one for Shadowlands. The Classic SoM or TBC events are not particularly different from the previous ones. However, a lot of WOW TBC Gold features have been added to the retail version.

    No matter which version of WOW you choose, some of the core content of the Feast of Winters veil events is roughly the same. And with the arrival of the traditional Christmas day of Anglo tradition, you will have the opportunity to open your WOW TBC Classic Gold gifts on December 25th. No matter which version of the game you are in, the quests you get are almost the same. However, due to Merrymaker's achievements, there is still a lot to do in retail.

    In less than two weeks, Christmas is coming soon. If you are very interested in the Feast of Winters veil events, then I suggest you prepare enough TBC Classic Gold for this event and avoid finding it when doing event quests. The quest was interrupted due to insufficient TBC Classic Gold. However, it doesn't matter if you find that TBC Classic Gold is insufficient, you can buy it directly in MMOWTS, and you can receive the item within 30 minutes after placing the order. So, you can rest assured to participate in your the Feast of Winters veil events.