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Amazon suspected of using robots on Reddit to post positive rev

  • New World's recent negative news is endless. Unwelcome updates, errors, and a lot of downtime for maintenance have made many players extremely disappointed with Amazon's flagship MMO. A recent incident made New World’s situation more difficult, which led to New World becoming the last one in The Game Awards’ Players’ Choice category. This is a very bad thing.

    Now, Amazon is beginning to realize the seriousness of the matter and uses a very unorthodox method to deal with this negative emotion. Many fans have discovered that on subreddit, developers seem to be using bots to spread positive New World Gold comments. So far, several replies using the exact same strange language have been discovered.

    Of course, there is a second possibility for subreddit's comments. Amazon may do this to improve the reputation of the game, and they are helping it advertise for MMOs.

    They claim that these bots are likely to send spam in subreddit, and they can New World Coins also build a false comment history. This can make their accounts look not very new, so that they can deceive other users in the future.

    In any case, fans seem to have made up their minds. Many players don't seem to believe that these are just scam accounts that are trying to look more legitimate, so they have responded to those fake robot comments. Even if it turns out that the fans are wrong, it will be very difficult for Amazon to regain their trust in the future.

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