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Famous creator Castro_1021 on Twitch banned by FIFA 22

  • Castro_1021 is an anchor with more than 3.3 million fans on Twitch and has been providing continuous entertainment for FIFA fans for many years. In order to open his package, he purchased a large number of FIFA Points in the process.

    Although the last thing he and his loyal fans want to see is the permanent ban on Ultimate Team, on December 2nd, this happened. And a few days before the ban, Castro gave up thousands of FIFA Points for FUT 22 Coins the Black Friday promotion.

    So why was Castro banned by FIFA 22?

    During the Twitch live broadcast, Castro_1021 encountered a server connection error when he was playing FIFA 22, and there were also problems such as unsellable cards, players unable to search, and unable to interact with FUT market functions.

    Later, he received a message that he was permanently banned from entering FIFA 22's FUT market because EA accused it of distributing FUT coins.

    The message said: "Coin distribution is against our rules, so we have permanently banned your account from the FUT Transfer market."

    It is conceivable that this very popular creator cannot Cheap FUT 22 Coins accept this ban. Because of his ability to trade cards on the FUT market will be related to the permanent ban. In addition, this will seriously affect his live broadcast.

    Nowadays, the online mode of packaging opening and trading is very popular, and Castro is one of the largest creators of this content in the gaming community.

    This situation is very bad at this time, because the Team of the Group Stage promotion will start on December 3. However, unlike the permanent ban on the entire game, this can be resolved within a few hours.

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