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How do Final Fantasy XIV players purchase the apartment room?

  • Owning an apartment room in Final Fantasy XIV may be a good investment. It provides players with more customization and benefits than just staying in a hotel room. Apartment room also has a completely fixed price, regardless of supply and demand, they all have static value. This makes it much cheaper than owning the Final Fantasy XIV manor which could cost millions of FFXIV Gil.

    The houses in Final Fantasy XIV always contain a part of the live service that is affected by the player. Due to server pressure, only a limited number of houses and apartment rooms can exist at one time. Some world servers will have a large number of apartment rooms, while other servers may not have them at all. Players should conduct reconnaissance on each residential area, ward, and district until they Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil that suits their needs.

    To be eligible to purchase apartments in Final Fantasy XIV, players must reach level 50 in any profession. This is best done as a combat course, as it requires completing level 44 dungeon Dzemael Darkhold, level 47 dungeon Aurum Vale, defeating many FFXIV Gil around the world highlighted in the hunting log, and a total of 44,000 Grand Company Seals.

    Once reaching this level or higher, the player can go to any residential area, each with an instantiated apartment complex. Every room in a complex is always 500,000 FFXIV Gil, which is much cheaper than owning a manor. This fee will not be refunded when the room or area is intentionally moved, but if the player chooses to participate in the Final Fantasy XIV population balance incentive and completely leaves the crowded world, the fee will not be refunded. Players who want to get more FFXIV Gil can also buy online.