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Four ways to get The Fluorite Ring for Final Fantasy XIV player

  • In Final Fantasy XIV, there are four ways to obtain The Fluorite Ring, and the player market version is one of them. However, there are some wealthy players who don't want to spend too much time and energy on this, so they can use FFXIV Gil to buy from other players. Or, The Fluorite Ring of Final Fantasy XIV can be obtained through a simple quest line, a goldsmith, or a lesser-known jeweler in Ul'dah.

    To obtain the Fluorite Ring in The Fluorite Ring, players must talk to the weird Gridanian researcher Marcette at Central Shroud at X: 16.5, Y: 18.6. She is the mission provider of Fungal Frolic, which is the first of three The Fluorite Ring missions. Players must defeat specific enemies in the nearby area to obtain The Fluorite Ring.

    The easiest way to get The Fluorite Ring is to buy it from the pecific jewelry shopkeeper in Ul'dah, although many players may not be familiar with this supplier. The seller’s name is Sileas, and players can use the Aetheryte Shard of the Goldsmith Guild to enter her store. She also sells the Flawless Band, which is an item needed to get married in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can purchase The Fluorite Ring from her for 1,735 FFXIV Gil.

    The last method is made by Goldsmith. Players need a goldsmith level 28 to make The Fluorite Ring, which requires two materials: Fluorite and Silver Ingot. Finally, for players who have not collected a certain number of FFXIV Gil, I suggest that they can Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil online.