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How do Final Fantasy XIV players change Retainer Appearance?

  • The Final Fantasy XIV retainer is a great way for players to use their imagination in the character creator without affecting the appearance of their own playable avatars. However, sometimes players may wish to change the appearance of their followers. For this, players need a special consumable called Retainer Fantasia.

    Players need to ensure that all Final Fantasy XIV equipment and accessories of Retainer are not equipped before using Fantasia. They should note that the main tools or weapons that determine the work of the holder do not need to be removed. Players can obtain Retainer Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV in two ways.

    The first and most straightforward way to change the appearance of the fixture in Final Fantasy XIV is to purchase the fixture fantasia from the Player Market Committee. On average, a vial should cost about 20,000 FFXIV Gil. However, this cost may be slightly lower or higher, depending on the server. Newer Final Fantasy XIV players can farm FFXIV Gil to purchase other rare items, such as emoticons or creeps, and instead can passively obtain Retainer Fantasia.

    The second way to obtain Retainer Fantasia is by planting Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Ventures. After the player's guard reaches level 10, they will be able to activate "Quick Exploration", an RNG-based adventure activity in which a guard will always return with a single random item. Or players can Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil directly to get it.

    The level of the Retainer determines the rewards of "quick exploration" and the quality of the items obtained. In addition, there are some unique items that can only be obtained during the "quick exploration" period, one of which is the risk vault. Once consumed, the risk vault will reward the player with one of several rare universal dyes or a bottle of Retainer Fantasia. After acquiring or purchasing Retainer Fantasia, Final Fantasy XIV players must talk to the Retainer Vocate NPC to change the appearance of their Retainer.