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WOW TBC Claissic: Blackwater Gaming has become the Champions of

  • Team Blackwater Gaming and Sup Fresh emerged as World of Warcraft Classic Arena Tournament champions on Sunday after an intense weekend of competition. Blackwater Gaming is the representative of the European region, while Sup Fresh is the champion in the North American region. Both teams won the lion's share of the total prize pool of up to $100,000.

    Blackwater Gaming remained in the top spot throughout the broadcast and remained in the upper bracket. After beating Bald Pythons 4-0 in the TBC Classic Gold quarterfinals, they also beat Got Renamed 4-0 in the semifinals.

    In the final, the team faced off against Naixi Demon King. The latter earned a spot in the final, where they defeated Poland Mountain, J.B. Phelps Insta, Scarabs and Got Renamed in the knockout round.

    Blackwater Gaming faced Naixi Demon King first in the final in Nagrand Arena, who scored a point after taking down an enemy thief. Afterwards, they defeated the Naixi Demon King again at the Ruins of Lordaeron and won. Blackwater Gaming then went on to take a third in the next game, just one point away from winning.

    However, their sweeping sweep was interrupted in the fourth inning against Naixi Demon King at the Nagrand Arena. However, they then scored another point on the same map in Game 5. When the two teams played their sixth match at the Nagrand Arena again, Blackwater Gaming prevailed to Buy TBC Gold become the European Region Champions of the World of Warcraft Classic Arena Tournament champions.

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