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I've made? Do I need to go back RS 07?

  • I'm an inactive player I played OSRS GP from 2007-2011 and I was just getting up to date with the game when I saw the Evolution of Combat update. It appears that the update has totally eliminated the game and I'm now unsure if I should go back to playing.

    Every day for those 4 years, I played for at least 4 hours a day and it was the most enjoyable thing I've ever experienced: friends, enjoyment, and not getting bored. I'm more depressed than I have ever been after reading this update. Should I try it again or just try and forget the wonderful memories I've made? Do I need to go back RS 07?

    While a lot is subjective, nobody who played Runescape in any of its versions in the past will be able to recreate the excitement of trying out a new game or content.

    Everyone has a favourite game or at least a stage in development. If you decide to play 07scape instead of the latest version, that's fine. Many felt the exact way. Although there are players playing on the servers, the initial excitement of "OMG I'm missing this so much!" was quickly overtaken by a lot of players. In many instances, the engine may have been the older one, but the community and mindset of players have changed irrevocably.

    Although there are things they've changed or lost in RS2 & EOC irrevocably, there are also good additions and improvements. I find 07 graphics depressing but they were reasonable in the moment. You, and we must decide if we'd rather be playing the same game that you enjoy or watch the game develop.

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