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Animal Crossing New Horizons' awesome Crash Bandicoot area

  • Buy Cheap ACNH Bells has always been a convenient service that players can enjoy. Animal Crossing New Horizons offers gamers a wide range of ACNH Items and freedom to play. Meaning that as long as you have a wild enough idea, you can bring it to life in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are plenty of players bringing wild ideas to life in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and one fan showed off a design idea for his island's Crash Bandicoot area.

    It is very difficult to turn ideas into reality. Players need to do enough data research. Let me tell you first. The Crash Bandicoot franchise had a huge impact in the '90s. The impressed players' crowd is very large. Now players combine Crash Bandicoot with the modern gamer again.

    Now, this player has made it. He shows a screenshot of the Crash Bandicoot area of ​​his island.  Island Screenshots are dedicated to recreating the look and feel of Crash Bandicoot. The whole picture is a combination of lush palm trees, floating platforms, and brightly glowing crates. If you look closely, the photo also includes a rectangular pool with a square island. When you're obsessed, the island map in the lower right corner of the SWITCH screen can point you in the right direction.

    Follow the guide map to the right to the forest. Keep going, and you will reach a big platform. The platform is patterned like a red mushroom with white spots. Crash Bandicoot's iconic mutant animal won't be coming soon. The perimeter also features two glowing flowers, one on the left side of the pond and one perched on the mushroom platform.

    Other players are very interested in changing the player's design philosophy. This isn't the first time Animal Crossing players have attempted to recreate a classic location from another game. This time, the attempt to restore the classic event was successful and also attracted the attention of a large number of players.  We're glad the Animal Crossing New Horizons rules are good for players. Players can play the design concept to their heart's content. Start your creative journey by selecting and purchasing your favorite Cheap Animal Crossing Bells from ACBellsBuy.