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ACNH: How to make Pizza Margherita?

  • Description of Pizza Margherita

    Pizza Margherita is a free update introduced with the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 upgrade. The pizza is topped with fruits and vegetables. If you eat it, you will find that Pizza Margherita is salty. The area of Pizza Margherita will not be very large, occupying a size of 1.0*1.0. Players who make excess Pizza Margherita can go to Nook's Cranny shop and sell it for 2000bells each. In addition to Pizza Margherita, also offers Seafood pizza, Mushroom pizza, and fruit pizza. Open Nook Miles Tickets to find a pizza you like.

    Pizza margherita

    margherita pizza ingredients

    Pizza Margherita can only be obtained by cooking. In addition, materials are required:

    Flour *3


    The flour for margarita's pizza is obtained by growing wheat. Both wheat and flour are part of the 2.0 free update. Both the wheat and tomato for Margherita pizza toppings can be obtained through cultivation. Neither wheat sprouts nor tomato sprouts are available for direct shopping. If you are lucky. Pizza DIY recipes can also be obtained from any villager.



    Benefits of Pizza Margherita

    After successfully making pizza. You can place the Margherita pizza on the table or the floor. Pizza Margherita is an edible item. By eating pizza, players will collect five energy points. PowerPoints help players chop down trees or hit rocks.

    Fruit pizza


    In ACNH Items, in addition to selling 4 kinds of the finished pizza. There are also 4 Pizza DIY recipes. These include Recipe: Pizza Margherita, Recipe: Mushroom pizza, Recipe: Seafood pizza, and Recipe: Fruit pizza.


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