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ACNH items offer all 16 new villagers in ACNH 2.0

  • Animal Crossing Items are available for sale by ACNH 2.0 villagers. According to the introduction information provided by our ACBellsBuy, you can quickly understand the character and birthday information of each new villager. According to feedback from players in the Animal Crossing community, Sanrio villagers are some of the most popular villagers. It is convenient for players to experience. players can buy acne villagers online. In the process of interacting with new villagers, our players can also choose Buy Nook Miles to interact with new villagers.



    1. Sasha is a blue male rabbit villager. He has pale green fur and white claws. They have little golden bangs. She Birthday is May 19. Her personality is Lazy.

    2. Ione is a blue female squirrel villager. She has a gradient on her tail, from periwinkle blue to dark blue. Her birthday is September 11, personality is Normal.

    3. TianSheng is a brand new orange male monkey villager. He has big, round yellow eyes and a shiny gold crown on top of his head. His birthday is August 18. and his character is Jock.

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    4. Shino is a female deer villager who wears a pale green yukata all year round. Her birthday is October 31st. and her personality is Jock.

    5. Marlo is a gray male hamster villager. He wore a sleek black jacket that matched their little black glasses. His birthday is June 26. His personality is Peppy.

    6. Petri is a female rat villager. Wearing a lab coat and big glasses. Her birthday is October 23. Her personality is Snooty.

    7. Cephalobot is a robotic male octopus villager. Full of technology. His birthday is April 1st. and his personality is Smug.

    8. Quinn is a black female Eagle Villager. Has purple wings and a tuft of purple hair on top of his head. Her birthday is January 20. His personality is Uchi / Big Sister.

    9. Chabwick is a blue penguin villager. The eyes drooped, giving a languid and sleepy expression. Her birthday is December 24th. Her personality is Lazy.

    10. Zoe is the new blue anteater villager with white claws and a tail. The eyes are light golden brown with long eyelashes. Her birthday is February 10, personality is Normal.

    11. Ace is an athlete bluebird villager whose birthday is August 11. and His personality is Jock.

    12. Rio is a red ostrich villager with large orange stars adorning her cheeks and tail feathers of various colors. Her birthday is September 10. Her personality is Peppy.

    13. Frett is a Yellow Dog villager. He has bushy brown eyebrows, buff fur, and white claws. His birthday is October 30. His personality is Cranky.

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    14. Azalea is a blue rhino villager. The gentle she is one of the most popular species. Her birthday is December 18. His personality is Snooty.

    15. Roswell is a new brown alligator villager. The swirl patterns all over his body give him a flair for design. His birthday is May 2. His personality is Smug.

    16. Faith is an orange koala villager. Faith's fur pattern makes her look like she's sunbathing in a nice tan at the beach. Her birthday is on March 21st.  and her personality is Big Sister / Uchi.



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