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The Chiefs' running game was non-existent

  • The Chiefs' running game was non-existent. In the fourth quarter, the Chiefs only had 54 yards on Mut 22 coins the ground. There was a critical fourth-and-1 stop from the Eagles defense that could have shifted the course of this game.

    Patrick Mahomes was very conservative. It appeared as if Mahomes wanted to move down the field slow and carefully, however when he was in need of a first down in the fourth quarter, Mahomes ended up throwing the ball to Darius Slay Jr.

    Mahomes had five turnovers in the game - three interceptions and two Fumbles. The cautious approach against the Eagles failed to pay off because , when he fell behind in the game for the first time in the fourth quarter Mahomes began forcing throws which led to two interceptions in the final minutes.

    The Eagles scored 28 points in the fourth quarter to secure victory.In week 5 of the season, the Chiefs return in the home stretch for Sunday Night Football, taking on the Buffalo Bills. The game kicks off at 7:20 p.m. Arrowhead and we are back to bring you the matchup of the EA Universe.

    Last week's Madden simulation saw the Detroit Lions almost win the victory over the Baltimore Ravens, if not to have an insane ending that you couldn't even script.The Lions were up two points in buy Madden 22 coins the game, however the Ravens were in danger of scoring within a minute.