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It is the most ineffective combat style

  • Although EOC was not something I had ever played, prior to RuneScape Gold returning to work, I was arguing about it. This is the case for many others regardless of whether they admit it. Because this kind of thing can really have a huge snowball effect.

    Micro-transactions and other forms of micro-transactions are often viewed as a problem in Runescape. However they are vital to the company's survival and are not necessary. It's mostly younger players who seem to buy items for real money, us vets know how to get stuff done the old ways.

    As far as 07 goes I was optimistic about 2007 initially but now it actually reminds me more of the downswing we all witnessed in the years following 2007 or so. Although I am biased, it's still my opinion. I don't see 07 as an appealing or even a viable community. It would only be possible if there were a few friends, or ideally some kind of clan of friends from the past.

    It's a wonderful community. They put too much effort into convincing their users that certain changes should be made, but not enough time evaluating the needs of the platform. This is my opinion.

    Melee, the strongest combat style is a popular choice since EoC was first released. The status of Buy RuneScape Gold melee has remained constant through the Global Combat Improvements. However, it is the most ineffective combat style.