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This means that Lost Ark players get more frames

  • By switching to my suggested setting of Very High with Indirect Shadows, Distortion Effect and Motion Blur all turned off, Lost Ark Items could also achieve an average of 114fps on DX11. The same settings as DX9 I was able to get 95FPS, which means that DX11 is an immediate upgrade that has no disadvantages. It's no wonder that it took the Lost Ark Twitter account simply tweeting "DX11" in the middle of this month was enough to get a few users exuberant.

    Although I'm not thrilled to learn that the version released prior was locked with DX9 and DX11 is as missing as the woman's Deadeye's pants and with no obvious reason I am, like the schmuck who spent several hours comparing it to other versions, happy to find that the performance improvements resulting from decreasing individual settings are still proportional to the transition to DirectX 9 to 11.

    That is, applying the recommended settings in DX9 resulted in 30% more efficiency than using the Very High preset as-is, however, on DirectX 11 they sped things up by 31 percent. This means that Lost Ark players get more frames and my settings guide doesn't become useless.

    This is a win-win situation, but it won't be able to help with the long queue times for servers and the reported disappearing characters Lost Ark has been grappling with since its delay in launch. Making a style that is ideal for players is an extremely crucial aspects of playing the world of an MMO such as Lost Ark.

    It is also helpful that the game features a comprehensive character creation system that allows players can alter their appearance in amazing level of detail. What happens if the player discovers that they've made a mistake in buy Lost Ark Gold the appearance of their character after having quit the screen of creation?