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It is the only game to have reached greater heights

  • In addition to more than 10 million hours of playtime on Lost Ark Items the day, the game reached its peak yesterday at 1.2 million people watching, according statistics from SullyGnome. It is the only game to have reached greater heights during the past two weeks, and only Minecraft has enjoyed a bigger viewing audience in the past month.

    Asmongold lead the team in terms of viewers with total viewers of 1.86 million hours watched by himself in 9.25 hours. Asmongold averaged 201,446 viewers. He hit a high of 284,644.

    The game Lost Ark wasn't necessarily the major reason behind Asmongold's success However, it's nearly impossible for a fresh MMO to enter the marketplace without the most well-liked streamer in the game giving it a boost.

    The day before was the first time Asmongold broadcast on his official channel after September. Asmon is known to take long breaks from streaming on his main channel from time time However, this time, his absence was due in part to the demise of his mother, which he has commented on a few times in posts to social media.

    His peak viewership following the break set a personal record for on the primary Asmongold channel. The previous record for Lost Ark Items for sale his highest concurrent viewer count was in the latter part of August, 2019 in conjunction with the release of World of Warcraft Classic. During the stream, he topped out at 263,720 viewers.