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To avoid club colours every team has motion capture Xsens suits

  • To avoid club colours every team has motion capture Xsens suits. On the touchlinethe players are huddled around laptops. Short-range signalling equipment, which tracks players' movements down in millimetres, sit in FUT 22 Coins the stands with production staff studying tablets displaying live metrics. Many thousands of miles away, the director of animation is watching the events unfold on Zoom. But this isn't the work of a space-age scouting team, nor the latest in coaching technology.

    They are the creators of FIFA 22. First time, EA motion-captured a live 90-minute football match, tracking players' movements to a granular level which could be later added to their animation database.

    EA's gaming publisher looked for the big details down to the minute details, from how a full-back strikes the ball with their laces as well as how a player instantly glances over their shoulder before receiving a pass. "Ultimately real-world realism is an improved experience," states Gareth Eaves, senior animation director at EA who led the meeting remotely. "We would have liked to do it for a long time, but the technology hadn't existed."

    Typically, EA uses optical capture actors and the occasional superstar footballer, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, to write new animations. It's a little space that only has one or two people at a single time - making it hard to attack the ball with speed or move passes from one wing to the other. Limits on motion-captured play like keepie-uppies, one-on-one dribbles need to be made adaptable by FIFA animators into fluid motions which are akin to eleven-aside games.

    But , as of now, the cameras are gone. Motion capture has been removed. Only the Xsens suits remain. "One issue had been drift . We'd know the joint position of players in relation to each other but not in cheap FIFA 22 Coins relation to a point in space," Eaves explains.