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There are special bonuses for the new launch

  • Remote Play: On Mobile PURPLE, you can play the game initially installed on Lineage 2M Diamonds your PC on your phone. For example, after starting an Lineage2M playing session from a PC at home you can play on your mobile device through Mobile PURPLE in another location, or even while on the move.

    PURPLEtalk: With this program, it is possible to chat in-game instantly without being connected to the channel that you play on. Acoustic quality means that you don't require another voice channel, which is useful when playing with your friends or family members.

    The original Lineage II was released in North America Way back in 2004 and Lineage2M, was launched within South Korea in 2019 and is heavily inspired by the mythology, legends, and of course, battles and fights from the original. Mobile first, with the possibility of playing on PC with the PURPLE platform of NCSoft. Lineage2M features support for high-definition 4K ultra HD 3D environments, and features large scale open world battles with a capacity of more than 10,000 players.

    There are special bonuses for the new launch, including bonus points for players who download the game on the PURPLE platform, and then play it on their PC. PURPLE is a platform that lets mobile games be played on PC with ease which makes cross-play possible for certain games. MMO players have a heavy presence on PC This is a smart move..

    Bringing the Lineage II franchise to mobile isn't the only old MMORPG franchise making the leap, with Lineage 2M Diamonds for sale other games such as Ragnarok Origins having their cousins, with more advanced graphics and features that accommodate modern gaming. It's coming this year as well. However, Lineage2M does stand out by providing such big battles.