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Proselyte set which gives best prayer bonus in the game

  • Slug Menace - Proselyte set which gives best prayer bonus in the game . It could be helpful on RS Gold Slayer tasks. Fremennik Isles - Helm of Neitiznot - Excellent helmet that has good defensive stats. Since this type of equipment can be easily obtained and is not degrading, it is one of the most utilized helmets on the market.

    If you complete all quests offered in the game, players earn by the Quest Point Cape (also referred to as QPC). The armor piece the cape comes with an added bonus of 9 to any defensive style. The version with a trim also comes with an additional bonus of +4 prayer. This item is able of teleporting wearers directly onto the Legends Guild gates which is very convenient for those that want to utilize Fairy Ring Transportation System.

    Also, players who gain this cape during play can purchase it at cheaper prices in the Nightmare Zone and perform a special emote that celebrates the player's achievement. It is, however, one of the toughest capes to acquire in Old School RuneScape, the modified version is even more difficult to obtain.

    To trim a Quest Cape player have to complete all of the Achievement Diaries which makes it extremely tedious task. It's important to remember that when new quest comes to the game, those who want to use the cape need to complete it (even when they already have the cape beforehand). This piece of equipment will get hidden and then be available via NPC Wise Old Man , located in Draynor Village.

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