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I get nats in drops as im fighting different monsters

  • You can take on the other 3 brothers in the same way that you did Dharok in RS Gold whatever order you want. What to do when you enter the tunnels: Depending on the brother you find in the tunnels, you should set your prayers quickly to the correct protection. If he does appear, don't worry (you'll get through the first couple hits) Use the prayer pot fast, and hit quick prayers. Make sure you finish him.

    The part that consumes the majority all your meals is food in tunnels. You must know how to navigate them and reach the chest as quickly as possible. Once you have completed the end of the game, even if you don't have the speed to do it move back a few steps from it, and hit the monster who is attacking you with an ice scream, and you've got 10/15 seconds to finish it.

    I'm on 62 slayer right now, trying to get 85 Slayer in Abyssal Demons. I can't get on right now, and I want their stats while I have this free time in school to plan a set of gear, etc. For Abyssal Demons.

    It's a great question and that is of interest to me as well. I lower alch using the explorer ring - but thats not because I have free xp - but limited to about 30 a day. I use the nats that I am able to use to superheat my ore. I get nats in drops as im fighting different monsters. I'm not one of the players to collect runes. It's an issue of luck for me. But , i do know that there's a list with monsters listed and drop stats in case you'd like to slay for a stack of nats?

    I train slayer and I can't remember which critter had the best natural drops. . I'm aware that roaches will drop Nats, but unless you fight often, relying on this for production of nats can be quite slow. But on OSRS Accounts the other hand, the cost is very cheap on certain items and runes are affordable to acquire if you have enough gp for an enormous stack.