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The WoW Classic Mastery season is launched on November 16, the

  • The Seasonal Mastery server will be available globally on November 16th. Now you still have time to learn about the profession and choose. There are a total of nine professions, each of which plays a specific role in raids and PVP.

    Choosing your first class can be a very difficult task. There are many things to do in the game, and sometimes our early game goals simply won’t align with our needs at the end of the game. Whether you want to be a farmer, a dedicated predator, or a PVP threat that frightens your opponents-this guide is for you.

    Before getting into the basic knowledge of each profession, we first need to establish some basic knowledge of World of Warcraft nostalgia. Like any other MMORPG, WoW Classic uses a trinity system, where the roles are divided into tank, healer, and DPS. Deciding which role you want to play will greatly influence your class selection. Dps have the least responsibility in raids and less pressure in PVP.

    There is always a shortage of tanks because they take the most responsibility in PvE. If there is no tank to the tank boss, then there is no raid. It's that simple. If you are the kind of person who thrives under pressure and has excellent leadership skills, then the tank role is for you. Finally, we have a therapist. The therapist is there to make sure everyone is alive. A good therapist can carry the entire raid or PVP group. At the same time, a bad therapist will cause a lot of wipes and wasted time. Each faction has a powerful profession, while the other does not-the Horde is a shaman, the Alliance is a Paladin. The remaining courses are available for both factions.

    If you want to become a DPS, there are several good options. The first one is a fighter. Tanks, great dmg, are super fun to play, but rely on good equipment and consumables. This is also the slowest upgrade course. Rogue is the second-best in PvE, provides competitive DPS with fighters, and is very useful in dungeons. It is also one of the most powerful options for PVP, especially if you like to play alone.

    Warlocks and wizards are the preferred casters, both in terms of damage and practicality. Portals, summons, soul stones, and delicious food are just some of the benefits of these two. The Shadow Priest and Balance Druid are great in their own rights but struggle with mana issues. As the boss’s health pool increases in the classic season of World of Warcraft, these two specializations may struggle even more. On the other hand, these two are monsters in PVP-so keep that in mind.

    Then there is the hunter. The best leveling course to date is also one of the most complex courses in "Mastering the Season". Keeping a pet will make life easier, but you must maintain it properly. In raids, they are used for Tranq Shot and perform some boss pulls, while in PVP, they can dominate the battlefield. A good overall choice. You can rest assured to Buy TBC Classic Gold at MMOSO, which can protect your account security.

    All treatment professions are actually feasible, and they perform well in raids and PVP. No therapist can go wrong. However, if we are picky, the Paladin will be among the best in the alliance because of the powerful crit-related talents, and the shaman will survive for the Horde because of chain healing. The best holistic therapist is probably the pastor. Of course, the druids are the kings of the raid, because they are the only healing profession that can be resurrected in battle. On the battlefield, the druid is the best standard-bearer. Players will not know what to do when they encounter bottlenecks, but have you ever thought of going directly to the professional website to buy Classic TBC Gold.

    Some players will encounter difficulties in the game. It is too slow to play Boss slowly to get WOW TBC Classic Gold upgrade gear. At this time, I want to find someone who will help. In MMOSO, you can spend the same money on other websites to buy cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold, so you can get more, and it's safe and reliable.