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What is the significance of the emergence of the World of Warcr

  • Blizzard announced the establishment of the World of Warcraft Community Committee. Why? You may have realized that the player's wishes are very important.

    But let me say that one of the most important aspects of MMO is communication. In the game, I often communicate with friends and guild members, but I think the communication between developers and players is also very important. The World of Warcraft Community Committee will provide all kinds of players with the opportunity to communicate directly with game developers, but also to synchronize the minds of developers and players.

    The first and most important detail is that all players in World of Warcraft have the opportunity to join this committee. Blizzard is looking for all types of players with broad interests. Whether you like raids, World of Warcraft classics or collect transfigurations. The 100 selected players will become part of the message board that all players can see. Blizzard will ask players to share their thoughts and experiences about the game, and even start a conversation on their own. Buy Cheap Classic TBC Gold at MMOSO to protect your account security. 

    Board members can also send messages directly to each other. You can also choose a smaller group to talk directly with specific Blizzard developers. In fact, the World of Warcraft community committee is to share some past and present experiences with players. This means that no unannounced game information will be shown to board members. One year later, Blizzard plans to cancel the flags of the top 100 board members and open the application process again. Just like the first time, the plan will be open to all players. Buying WOW TBC Classic Gold is a shortcut for players to break through difficulties.

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