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How and when to reserve a name for WoW Classic Season of Master

  • World of Warcraft’s latest legacy content, the season of mastery, is earlier than many people expected, and the release date is November 16. If you are worried about ensuring that you get the name of the character you want, you will have the opportunity to save only one name and one name.

    On November 11th, players with a valid WoW subscription will have the opportunity to log in to the "Season of Mastery" server for the first time. Although they cannot enter this world, they will have the opportunity to retain the character name. Unlike the World of Warcraft classic name reservation, the mastery season name reservation will be limited to only one character per account. At that time, you also need to select the required services for the role.

    Players will be able to create more characters after the official launch of the season of mastery at 5 pm Pacific time on November 16th. But before that, only one role can be created per account. MMOSO provides secure sales of Cheap TBC Classic Gold to protect your account security.

    The opportunity to retain the name will continue from November 11 until the game is released. Players will be able to keep their favorite names starting at 8 PM Central Time in the United States. If the player feels struggling in the game, he can spend a little WOW TBC Classic Gold to strengthen his equipment. If you don't have enough gold, you can go to a trusted professional sales website.

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