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While I'm not saying that runescape should be more like WOW

  • It is also possible to wait 10 seconds to log out, which I find somewhat strange on mobile. If you need to complete something quickly, most mobile games let you exit and re-enter the game Old School RS Gold. Wait until the monster dies before you are able to quit. This is an inconvenience but it will make PVM/PVP use on mobile very different to every other game. It's not clear what new players will think of to this.

    Hello! This is it! I created this topic because I wanted to talk about Guthix; God of Balance and Nature. I would like to know if you can include something. This Topic was created by me. I am aware that Guthix is deceased.

    What do you think about Guthix? I think Guthix belongs to Gielinor because he did so amazing things for the organization. He also tried to keep it balanced. Balance is what I seek and Guthix was my guide, so Guthix isn't dead. I came up with my own theory.

    My conviction is that gods cannot be killed. Their bodies can be destroyed. I believe their minds will remain, and they can return if they get new body, and because Guthix is strongest not-elder god He could create an avatar or body using natural resources RS Gold Buy. Guthix is likely to return and Gielinor's return.